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How did I make a great song and a CPD-certified educational institution come together? The two factors were born of pure ingenuity and have either brought joy to many, provided answers, or both.

Let’s dive in.


I am just an individual who can appreciate innovation. I am also very blessed…

Is CIFA the best way to sell my course online? (Beginners, Professionals, and Institutions)

CIFA Instructor, motivated, wealthy, and dedicated.

This is an article to aid anyone who wants to make a living by sharing their knowledge with the world.

The world of e-learning is rapidly evolving and quite competitive. If you find yourself looking for the best way to sell your courses, then you’ve come to the right place.

The new name in world education and professional qualifications

In no pleasant way at all; it can be quite overwhelming to experience education being provided erroneously.

Visiting a country a few years ago; I heard a university tutor say: it isn’t about the smartest students, it’s only about the students who come first in class.

Whilst that tutor might…

Which is the best of platforms for free marketing and selling online courses? (2021)

There are so many platforms for selling online courses today, so, how do you know which one is best for you?

Let’s introduce you to CIFA Education Management, or CIFA, a platform where you can not only sell your online courses at an affordable price but market hugely for free…

Is CIFA a top qualification in UK finance? Recommendations for a better life (The CIFA series)

Most of us know about the early men, the fall of the Egyptian empire, the Roman empire, the Greek empire, and so on. They all have a few things in common, they were times when every human alive was doing their best as they knew it.

The world they knew…

Joseph Afolabi-Moriel

A passionate writer, teacher, blogger, business and family man inspired by truth, ingenuity, and dedication to many related characteristics in all perspectives.

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